Everyone has a story How are you telling yours?

Corban Media is a digital marketing agency, designed to assist you and your business reach your target market and engage your audience, through story-telling.


How do we tell your story? First, we identify what the three key stakeholders want (you, your team and your audience). You, want affordable access to original content, to naturally express your personality and communicate to your audience the core of who you are and what you do. Your team, want the best, most usable footage to choose from to make their job easier. Most importantly, your audience want to be engaged by your story, they want to learn more about you and why you do what you do.

We find creative solutions, leverage media platforms, social networks, and use engaging tools to promote you as a leading real estate agent.

We aim to eliminate the biggest barriers to content creation: cost, time, and accessibility. Through design thinking, communication and content creation, we make it affordable, scalable and equitable. We believe the future of media isn't the tools or the platforms at all—It's you and how you leave your footprint in the mind of your audience. Welcome to the new form of first impression.




Content Creation & Identity Branding, Communication & Print Media,

Social Marketing & Art Direction

Create content that makes your audience feel, think and act.


Where will your content take you?

Content we have produced for our clients has been featured in...


You Are Your USP


Short videos to showcase your personality to your clients before they meet you in person.

Our Character Cards are a combination of film and bespoke QR coded business cards. A stylish 2min video showcasing the person behind the business, allowing you to pitch your story with a compelling narrative.


A live personal statement that will resonate with your audience and amplify your message. We all know the importance of first time impressions, now is the time to create yours.

(from £750 + vat)

Black & White Portrait of an Attractive
Samantha May

Marketing Executive

Helping to boost your personal brand and raise engagement with your followers.


People pick the broker they know over the ones they dont know. Property tours help grow your audience engagement by showcasing homes in a cinematic style.


By creating room for a community and and increase in exposure, cinematic style videos have blown in the USA, its time the UK catches up too.

(from 950 + vat)



Bring to the table attention grabbing promotional film that displays your listed properties and shows why you are the go to agent.


A sleek single page website for you to showcase your Sales and Lettings listings. Provide all the information your client needs to make an informed decision.


Building your brand from the inside out. We help create, build and guide you through the process of brand identity. From font selection and colour to stationery and graphics.


Communicating to your audience with walk through videos, social media highlights, instagram stories and royalty free music license use.


Leveraging Social Platforms


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We work with creative and inspiring start-ups across real estate, architecture, art, fashion and hospitality, and help individuals define their point of view.

Whatever the challenge, we deliver sharp, intelligent and inspired work that helps individuals amplify their message to discerning customers around the world.

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