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compatible with Apple


compatible with Android


Touch Tag powered by CM

Touch 'N' Go

With our Touch Tags, building your network has never been more simple. You can instantly share your social media networks, contact information, weblinks and more, with a simple touch of our smart tags. Best of all, the other person doesn’t need a touch tag or the app to add you to their contacts.


Iphone 7 +

All Android


888 bits


3cm diameter

Greater Efficiency

Share with a Tap




What are Touch Tags?

Our Touch Tags are a contactless way for you to network with the community around you. You can share all your social platforms at once. The touch tag sticks to the back of your smartphone, and makes it easy for you to stay conected to people on-the-go.

Building Better Networks

Create a lasting impression and build your network with greater efficiency with the latest contactless technology. Our tags makes it easy to share your Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or Youtube channel at once, with an easy tap.

Smart Phone

Time to Create your First impression

Mobile App

How It Works

Step 1


Download the Simply NFC app. It is free, reliable, and regularly updated & Download the Alias app to make unlimited customisable links.

Step 2


Open "Alias App" and Create an Alias Profile and Card

Step 3

Copy your Profile or Card Link to clipboard


Step 4


Open “Simply NFC App” and click “write” on the bottom right of page.


Click “Add Record” - Click “Add URL Record” - Paste your link into “RECORD URL” - Click + on top right of screen - Click “Write Tag


Step 5


Scan your Touch Tag at the top of your phone - Peel and Apply to the back of iPhone, below bottom half.